Greek Pantheon of Gods: Achilles

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Heinrich Schliemann- Born to the family of a poor German parson, Schliemann made his fortune in commerce - first through buying and selling during the California Gold Rush and then during the Crimean War. Being a merchant, however, was not his goal, his real goal was to  find Troy.  Schliemann and his wife uncovered several ancient cities, including Troy and Mycenae. No one believed them until they actually made their discoveries , unfortunately, they didn't quite do everything they had meant to do. In Troy, for example, Schliemann drilled down through several cities built during different eras. The one he finally settled on, the oldest, was actually older than the Homeric city which he missed. But he was definetely able to improve our knoledge and appreciation for the acient world.

  • Hera- Zeus' sister and wife, daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Hera was guees of heaven and the gods and goddess of women and marriege. She was generallly described as an avenging, punishing those that had displeased her severely.

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