Greek Pantheon of Gods: Achilles

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Greek Pantheon of Gods:

  • Achilles – Son of Peleus and Thetis, Achilles was the strongest among the Greeks who fought in the Trojan War. It was prophesized that without Achilles the Trojan War could not be won. Achilles willingly participated in the Trojan War knowing that it would mean an early death for him. During the war, Achilles conquered twenty-three Trojan towns and defeated the Trojan hero Hector. He died when Paris with help from Apollo struck him with an arrow.

  • AcropolisIn the ancient city of Athens, Acropolis was a fortified citadel and state sanctuary. Acropolis was surrounded by fortified wall used for defense and later it was turned into a sanctuary for the Greek goddess, Athena.

  • Adonis – Adonis is the result of Myrrha’s incest with her father Theias. After Myrrha became pregnant, she was turned into a tree by Aphrodite. Adonis emerged from the tree when it burst opened. Aphrodite and Persephone were moved by Adonis’ beauty and sheltered him. Adonis spent one third of the year with Aphrodite, and one third with Persephone, and Adonis was given the choice to do anything for the last third of the year. Adonis usually would spend the last third of the year with Aphrodite. Adonis died when he was fatally wounded by a wild boar.

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