Greek mythology project

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Part I: Individual Greek god or goddess-work alone

  • Research one Greek god or goddess (henceforth referred to as god)

  • Write a one paragraph summary of the god- to be shared with the rest of class & turned in

  • The paragraph should the following information on the god

Due: Aug 31

Part II: myth project-work in pairs

    • Create a piece of artwork using myth themes or symbols as visual clues

    • Design a room décor with a god as the theme

    • Create a high school or college w/ a god theme (mascot, yearbook, etc)

    • Find examples in real life of myth symbols in use (ftd florist logo_

    • Design an ad campaign for a product using myth information

    • Cast a myth movie with present day actors

    • Create a tabloid newspaper featuring Greek gods

    • Create a myth based restaurant w/ a myth based menu

    • Another creative idea of your choice pending the teacher’s approval

    • Create a vacation package to ancient Greece

    • Direct a wedding of a Greek god and goddess

    • Create the theme for a cruise ship – and its tour itinerary

Due: Sept 8

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