Greek Golden Age (mid 400’s bc) Occurred under rule of Pericles between the Persian

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Greek Golden Age (mid 400’s BC)

  • Occurred under rule of Pericles between the Persian (Athenian victory) and the Peloponnesian Wars (Athenian defeat)

  • Pericles extended democracy; most adult males had equal voice.

  • Pericles had Athens rebuilt after destruction in Persian Wars; the Parthenon is an example of this reconstruction.

Contributions of Greek culture to Western civilization


  • Iliad and Odyssey


  • Aeschylus –The earliest writer of tragedy

  • Main characters suffer and eventually die or suffer some tragic end (Oresteia)

  • Orestria details the events of the

Trojan War
The end of Aeschylus..?

  • Sophocles – wrote the tragedy Oedipus Rex

  • Pulled from his experiences in the Peloponnesian War

  • Details a man who was prophesized to kill his dad and marry his mom

Philosophy: the Love of Wisdom

Socrates: the first philosopher

  • Used the Socratic Method to question knowledge and the process of learning

  • Asked questions and then questioned the answers

  • His questioning was applied to the concept of Greek Religion (whoops)

  • Arrested for corrupting minors

  • was forced to drink poison

  • Founded the world’s first university, The Academy

  • Wrote the Republic , (first political science book) discussed the ideal government

Aristotle- studied physics + politics

  • Tutored Alexander the Great

Hippocrates – “The Father of Medicine”

  • Theory of Natural causes of disease

  • Sickness not due to gods


  • Herodotus – “Father of History”

  • Wrote about the Persian War

  • Thucydides – Better organized facts

  • Wrote of the Peloponnesian War

The World to Herodotus

Archimedes –Inventor and Mathematician

  • Discovered:


  • Pythagoras – Described the world in mathematical terms

  • The nature of numbers

  • Pythagorean Theorem

  • Euclid – Organized all facts of Geometry

  • Considered the “father of geometry”

New Leadership

King Phillip II of Macedon

  • Conquered most of Greece

  • Was assassinated by a noble

  • The Noble tripped and was killed on the spot by family friends

King Philip’s Kingdom

Alexander the Great

Hellenistic Age

  • Began at Alexander’s Death (323BC)

  • Blend of Greek and oriental elements

  • Spread of Hellenistic culture through trade

  • an example of Hellenistic Culture

  • Columns: look at the types below

  • Note that the Parthenon, whose statue of Athena was sculpted by Phidias had the first type

-Doric -Ionic -Corinthian

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