Greek God Family Tree Project

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Greek God Family Tree Project
You and your classmates have finished your presentations on Greek Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Creatures. The notes you have taken from the presentations will help you complete this final project.

  • For each entry of the family tree include the following:

  1. Both the Greek/Roman name - 6 pts

  2. Small picture of the God/Goddess/Hero/Creature (either hand drawn in pen/color or a printed picture) – 12 pts

  3. What the God/Goddess/Hero/Creature is known for

(example: Zeus – “God of sky and thunder”) – 12 pts

  • Other criteria:

1) All writing needs to be in pen & pictures in pen/color – 5 pts

2) Give a title your family tree – 2 pts

3) Draw lines that show the relationship between Gods/Goddesses

3 pts

  • On my class website, I have included several links (under “Helpful Links”) that show examples of Greek God Family Trees.

  • Due date: Monday, May 23, 2011

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