Greek God and Hero Project Social Studies Ms. Krawetz

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Greek God and Hero Project Social Studies -- Ms. Krawetz

Due May 15: Parts I - III Due May 18: Part IV No Late Passes

Imagine we are discussing ancient Greece in class, your eyes

start to flutter, and suddenly you look up and are transported to ancient times. You look around and wonder, “Where am I?”

First you notice a quick flash in the sky and then spot a lightening bolt strike the sea. You gaze up and site a chariot dragging the sun across the sky, and then a half-man half-horse goes by. And just when you say, “this can’t get any stranger,” a man with a winged hat and winged sandals flies a banner up above with the message, “Welcome to Ancient Greece; good luck on your project.” You are totally confused and wonder, “Did Ms. Krawetz win the lottery and take us to Greece?
Assignment: Each student will research a god, hero or creature and make a presentation in class.

The site, Guide to Greek Mythology, will help you select a god research.

o understand the natural world, the Ancient Greeks invented stories or “myths” that explained events such as thunder bolts, storms, and human behavior. These myths told stories about gods, half-gods, and human heroes who experienced adventures, betrayals, and mysterious oracles.

Greek Gods, Heroes and Creatures to Research


  1. Aphrodite

  2. Apollo

  3. Ares

  4. Artemis

  5. Athena

  6. Demeter

  7. Dionysus

  8. Hephaestus

  9. Hera

  10. Hermes

  11. Poseidon

  12. Zeus

Gods and Semi-Gods

  1. Asclepius

  2. Eris

  3. Eros

  4. Fate

  5. Hades

  6. Hebe

  7. Heracles -after death.

  8. Hestia

  9. Muses

  10. Nemesis

  11. Pan

  12. Persephone

Heroes and Creatures

  1. Achilles

  2. Atlanta

  3. Atlas

  4. Bellerophon

  5. Centaur

  6. Chimaera

  7. Cyclops

  8. Enchidna

  9. Gorgans

  10. Griffin

  11. Heracles

  12. Jason

  1. Medusa

  2. Minotaur

  3. Narcissus

  4. Nymphs

  5. Oedipus

  6. Pandora

  7. Pegasus

  8. Perseus

  9. Pygmies

  10. Sirens

  11. Sphinx

  12. Theseus

  13. Titans

Project Overview

Note: All work typed and double spaced, or print neatly on lined paper.

Part I

Five Paragraph Report -Follow format below

Due Tues. May 15

Part II

A Bag of Objects and Symbols –Bring from home

Due Tues. May 15

Part III

Grid Drawing -Done in class and at home

Due Tues. May 15

Part IV

Creative Options -Select 3 from the list on next page

Due Fri. May 18

Part 1: Write a Five Paragraph Report *Following this format

Title Page

Cover page

Include your name, title of project, date and period on separate lines centered in the middle of the page. *Requirement: Size 14 font and double space.


Paragraph One

Introduce God, hero or creature and explain his or her name. How was s/he born? Find out nicknames and symbols. Where does this god or hero dwell? Family members?

Special Gifts Paragraph Two

Tell about his/her powers, talents, limitations, strengths, weaknesses, mistakes, quests, shortcomings, goals, friends, and nemesis. What lesson did s/he learn? How was this lesson learned?
Retell a Myth
Three and Four

Summarize and retell a myth about your figure in TWO paragraphs. PARAPHRASE it, writing it in your own words! Get books from LHCS or public library.
Paragraph Five

Write a concluding paragraph on why your figure is important and about this figure’s legacy.

Last page

3 books + websites

List the books and website you used. State how each helped you. For help see

Part II: A Bag of Symbols and Visual Aids *Due: Tues. May 15

Bring a bag from home with 3-5 objects or symbols associated with your god, hero or creature. Be ready to present each item in class and explain how each is related to your figure.

Part III: Grid Drawings of Greek God, Heroes or Creature *Due: Tues. May 15

Find a picture of your god, hero or creature in a book or on the internet. Bring the picture to school the week of May 7th and we’ll begin grid drawings in class. You’ll also need to work on this at home.

Part 4: Creative Options *Choose (3)

“X” the (3) Creative Options you’ll complete. Extra Credit = 1 more

    1. Interview: Type a 10 question interview (Q and A) with your figure, and write up the transcript. –One to two pages Eg: Name: How did you… Athena: Well…

    1. Write a Poem: Create a poem in honor of your figure. –One page

    1. Design a mask: Create a mask of your figure that you can wear.

    1. The News: What was a typical day like in ancient Greece? What was the news, weather and sports? Write a newspaper and give it a title. –One to two pages
    1. Pack a Suitcase: Make a list 10-15 items (clothing and other things) you’ll need for a week’s vacation in Greece. See and include a detailed 1 week weather forecast. Consider the weather when you make your list.

    1. Riddles: Write 10 riddles for the Sphinx. They must be funny, or the Sphinx will destroy the jokes for eternity or send them to the underworld.

    1. Comic Book Myth: Make up a myth with a monster and hero and draw it in “comic book style” on large white paper. Length: Six frames with caption bubbles.

    1. Athena’s Advice: Write an advice column for mortals and gods. What would they write about? (Love, jealousy, a conflict, a family feud, etc.) –One to two pages

Grading Rubric

Total Points



Very Good Job



Needs More


Part I: Five Paragraph Report






Part II: Bag of Symbols/Visual Aids






Part III: Grid Drawing






Part IV: Creative Options








Favorite Greek Myths, Mary Pope Osborne

Book of Greek Myths, Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire

Greek Mythology, Simone Payment

A Gift from Zeus: 16 Favorite Myths, Jeanne Steig

Greek Gods and Goddesses, Geraldine McCaughrean.

We Goddesses: Athena, Aphrodite, Hera, Orgel, Doris.












Twelve Olympian Gods


What was this god known for?


  1. Aphrodite

Goddess of love and beauty. Wore a magic belt that made men fall in love with her.

Scepter, myrtle, dove

  1. Apollo

God of the sun, truth and the arts. He foretold the future, played his golden lyre and sang songs. A popular god!

Bow, lyre, and laurel

  1. Ares

God of war. A fiery, bloody character. He thrived on violence, battles and wars.


  1. Artemis

Goddess of the hunt. Protected young animals and looked after children. Apollo’s twin sister.

Bowl; deer

  1. Athena

Goddess of wisdom, war, arts, and justice. Zeus’ favorite child. She sprung out of his head.

Bow, lyre, laurel

  1. Eros

God of love. No one, divine or mortal could resist his spell of enchantment. Roman name: Cupid


  1. Hades

God of underworld and Zeus’ brother. He wore a magic helmet that made him invisible.

Helmet, metals, Jewels

  1. Hephaestus

Son of Zeus and Hera; god of forge and fire. Hated by his mother for lack of good looks.

Blacksmith’s hammer; fire

  1. Hera

Zeus’s wife; queen of the gods. Jealous of Zeus’ lady friends. Protector of marriage.

Scepter, crown and peacock

  1. Hermes

Zeus’ Messenger; god of merchants. Clever and quick; wore a winged helmet and sandals.

Winged boots and helmet.

  1. Poseidon

God of the sea and earthquakes; second most powerful god. Won seas after defeating Titans.

Trident, horse, bull

  1. Zeus

King of gods and most powerful god. Made the sun and moon come and go; changed seasons.

Thunderbolt or eagle

Heroes and Creatures

  1. Achilles

Dipped in the river to become immortal except his heel. The hero of the Iliad.

  1. Atlas

Giant who supported earth on his shoulders.

  1. Cyclops

Monster with one eye.

  1. Heracles

Mightiest mortal; son of Zeus; given 12 labors to complete.

  1. Jason

Led Argonauts to search for Golden Fleece.

  1. Medusa

Gorgon who changed people to stone.

  1. Midas

Richest human; everything he touched turned to gold.

  1. Minotaur

Half-human and half-bull who lived in the labyrinth on Crete.

  1. Narcissus

Beautiful human who fell in love with his image.

  1. Oedipus

Hero of Thebes; solved riddle of the Sphinx; married his mother.

  1. Pandora

First woman; opened box of evils.

  1. Theseus

King of Athens; killed Minotaur.

  1. Titans

Giants who ruled before the Olympic gods.

Good Luck and if you need help, just ask!

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