Greek Civilization Name Mrs. Alls The Culture of Ancient Greece

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Greek Civilization

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The Culture of Ancient Greece

  • Poetry, Art, and Drama are from Greek culture and are still a part of our culture today.

  • Because the Greeks were polytheistic, their religion was based on mythology. What did they believe gods/goddesses controlled? nature

  • greek gods and goddesses 001.jpg

  • Who was the god of the underworld? Hades

  • Who was the goddess of the hunt and animals? Artemis

  • How are Zeus and Aphrodite related? Father/daughter

  • How are Zeus and Hera related? Brother/sister

  • Aries is the god of war.

  • Greek drama shapes our entertainment today (has been handed down from the ancient times).

  • Greek drama that may be sad but ends happy is called comedy.

  • The Greeks used Myths to teach a lesson or explain scientific happenings. What lesson does the myth Icarus and Daedalus teach? That young people should listen to the advice of their elders

  • What are the three types of columns in Greek architecture? Doric, Ionian, Corinthian

Greek Philosophy and History

  • The Greeks love of philosophy led to the study of history, politics, biology, and logic. Wisdom means the same a philosophy.

  • Greek Philosophies are used today.

    • Basic philosophies of the following:

      • Socrates – all real knowledge is inside each person

      • Plato – men and women should have equal education and chance for jobs

      • Aristotle – do nothing in excess, mixed gov’t is best, uses senses to make observations

Either I was present myself at the events which I have described or else I heard of them from eye-witnesses whose reports I have checked with as much thoroughness as possible.”

Because he stressed the importance of accurate facts

Alexander the Great

  • Who was responsible for uniting the Greeks? Philip II of Macedonia

  • Philip II wanted to unite the Greek city-states with his own kingdom. Who tried to warn the Athenians that Philip was a threat to Greek freedom? Demosthenes

    • How far east did his empire reach? Indus River

    • West? Mediterranean Sea

    • What city in Egypt was a part of Alexander’s empire? Alexandria
    alexander\'s empire map 001.jpg

  • Alexander the Great built cities with these features: an agora, a temple, a theater, and an university. Why did he design cities this way? Because he wanted the cities to be like Greek cities

  • Alexander the Great spread Greek culture throughout Southwest Asia.

  • How might Alexander the Great have described his approach to unifying his empire? “I am a great leader who has conquered the world.”

  • Hellenistic scientists made major discoveries in these areas: mathematics and astronomy

The Spread of Greek Culture

  • What Greek cities became centers of learning and culture? Hellenistic cities

  • Three major Greek contributions to Western Civilizations are architecture, theater, and astronomy.

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