Greek Achievements Web Quest

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Greek Achievements Web Quest

Directions: For each achievement, go to the website provided and answer the questions completely.

Achievement #1: Architecture


  • What were the three different architectural orders in Ancient Greece? Describe and draw a picture of each one

  • What were the Parthenon and the Acropolis?

  • How would you describe Ancient Greek architecture? Where do we see its influence in our society?

Achievement #2: Art & Scupture


What materials did Greek artists use to create sculpture?

How did Ancient Greek art influence the world?

What was depicted in Greek Art?

Scroll down the page, describe the art you see.

Achievement #3: Theater


(Also click the what were Greek plays like button)

  • Describe the major components of Greek plays.

  • What types of plays were performed? Describe them.

  • What does this tell us about Ancient Greek society?

Achievement # 4: The Olympics


  • What were the Olympics? Why did they begin?

  • Who participated in the games?

  • What were the five competitions?

  • Did anything surprise you?

Achievement #5: Medicine


Describe two aspects of Ancient Greek Medicine.


  • Who was Hippocrates?

  • What was his contribution to Medicine?

Achievement #5: Mathematics:


  • Who was Pythagoras?

  • What was his contribution to the world of mathematics?

Achievement #6: Greek Mythology

  • Provide examples of:

  • Impact of Greek Mythology on Language

  • Cultural impact of Mythology in the West

  • Impact on Science and Technology


Scroll through the virtual field trip and choose an area of interest. Discuss the influence.

Achievement #7: Philosophy


  • What does the word philosophy mean?

  • Website:

  • Who were the most influential philosophers in the Greek world?

  • Summarize the contributions of each.

Achievement #8 Government


  • How did Pericles define citizenship?

  • What differences did Pericles see between Athenians and others?

  • How did Athenian government influence our government today?

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