Great Exhibition of the North: guidance for bidding venues

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Which areas can bid?
We welcome bids from the North of England (defined as Yorkshire, the North West, and the North East).
Who can bid to host the exhibition?
We expect bids to be submitted by venues, local authorities, cultural/creative organisations, cultural consortiums, Local Economic Partnerships (LEPs), or universities in the region. We welcome bids from partnerships, but these must specify which venue will host the event, and there will need to be a lead organisation for information and communication purposes. The local authority/ies must be involved in a formal capacity to provide assurance over financial and legal propriety of the Exhibition. A partnership bid will need to make clear what legal entity will be used for contracting.
What are the requirements for the host venue?
The venue should consist of an exhibition space in which visitors can view exhibits, as well as a suitable reception area to welcome visitors. The venue and all exhibits should be accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. You will also need to consider accessibility for staff and participating artists. For guidance you may wish to refer to Arts Council England's publication
The bid should provide details of transport links, including information about public transport, and parking spaces located in or near to the venue. The venue must be accessible to visitors and residents across the area.
The venue must have appropriate environmental controls. Bids should set out details of the lighting, humidity and temperature within the proposed exhibition space.
The venue must have a high level of security in order to prevent damage to exhibits. Bids should set out details of how the exhibition will be patrolled, as well as information relating to the venue’s existing or proposed alarm system.
Government has committed £5m of funding towards the Great Exhibition of the North. However, we expect the winning venue to increase the total budget available for the Exhibition by making use of local resources and budgets, and building partnerships with both public and private funders. Bids should include evidence of a credible fundraising plan, including information on how new sources of funding will be developed.
Bids should set out what the costs of delivering the exhibition will be, and explain the proposed breakdown between administration, marketing, and funding the delivery of the exhibition.

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