Great Exhibition of the North: guidance for bidding venues

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Great Exhibition of the North: guidance for bidding venues
This guidance is intended to assist those venues that wish to bid for the opportunity to host the Great Exhibition of the North. It sets out the overall objectives of the Great Exhibition of the North, explains the process and timescale, the information that bids should include, and the criteria against which they will be evaluated.
Part 1: The exhibition (page 2)

Part 2: The selection process (page 5)

Part 3: Bid requirements (page 7)

PART 1: The exhibition: background
Government is running a competition to find a venue in the North of England to host the Great Exhibition of the North. The winning venue will create and implement an exhibition that celebrates great art, culture and design of the North of England, showcasing local artists and performers, cultural organisations and creative businesses, promoting innovative and entrepreneurial activity, and highlighting research conducted by universities in the region.
In November 2015 Government announced £5m funding towards the Great Exhibition of the North. The exhibition is planned to take place in the summer of 2018 at either an existing venue or temporary structure, and will run for a minimum of 2 months.
The chosen venue will build partnerships across the region to ensure that the exhibition is open to a wide range of participants and audiences. It will also provide opportunities for organisations across the region to create and run satellite Great Exhibition of the North events alongside the main exhibition.
The exhibition is part of Government’s investment in the North of England, and follows funding for the Factory Manchester, and Hull UK City of Culture 2017.
Sir Gary Verity, CEO of Welcome to Yorkshire, has been appointed to oversee the project, and will chair a Great Exhibition Board, comprising of individuals from the arts, culture and design sectors, which will report to Ministers. The winning venue will therefore need to work closely with Sir Gary to ensure that the Government’s expectations are met.
The exhibition will celebrate the great art, design and culture of the North of England, showcasing innovative and ambitious cultural and creative activity, and engaging a wide range of audiences and participants.
As well as inspiring and engaging people, the exhibition will also contribute to Government’s objective to maximise economic potential in the knowledge economy and creative sectors in the North. The exhibition will help attract and retain the brightest and best talent, and attract investment from overseas.

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