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WW1 Simulation Game

. It is 1914 and Europe is in turmoil. Most countries have been building up their armies and naval fleets in readiness fora war they believe is coming sooner or later, following a series of 'minor' conflicts overland, border disputes, assassinations and conquests of smaller neighbours. You area relatively young country only becoming unified in 1871 (before that you were a group of separate states. You are quite weak and your government is not respected. Your position at the heart of the Mediterranean means that most countries want you to side with them. You know that any day now there is going to bean almighty fight. In order not to lose out when this conflict occurs, you need to make strong alliances with countries who can protect you from your enemies.
Today’s task
 You will receive a message from your teacher. You must discuss the message in your group and decide who you would like to be your ally. The more allies you have, the safer you will be.
 You should communicate to other countries bypassing them notes. You can inform other countries whatever you like to get them on your side or to stop them being allied with countries which you might not like. You can even lie
 You must write all notes in a sensible, professional and diplomatic style.
 Any note passed to you by your teacher has to be accepted as the truth and it overrides any messages given to you by another country. If the teacher's note informs you to do something then you must do it.
 You will now receive your first note from your teacher. You will have about 25 minutes before war breaks out. Do all you canto ensure your safety. Good luck You are going to represent

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