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WW1 Simulation Game

It is 1914 and Europe is in turmoil. Most countries have been building up their armies and naval fleets in readiness fora war they believe is coming sooner or later, following a series of 'minor' conflicts overland, border disputes, assassinations and conquests of smaller neighbours. The Balkans (where Serbia is) has been an area of particular instability. The decline of the Ottoman Empire and the increasing power of Austria-Hungary have led to battle to control the region. In 1908-09 your neighbouring Slavic country, Bosnia, was taken over by Austria-Hungary. You fear and hate Austria-
Hungary as a threat to your national identity. You know that any day now there is going to bean almighty fight. In order not to lose out when this conflict occurs, you need to make strong alliances with countries who can protect you from your enemies. As you are small and weak country it would be best if you could gain the support more powerful countries.

Download 73.79 Kb.

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