Great Awakening Questions

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Great Awakening

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The Great Awakening

  1. When did the First Great Awakening occur? ____________________________

  2. Even though it was rooted in spiritual growth, what did it help to bring to Colonial America?

Basic Concepts of the First Great Awakening

  1. Where did the Great Awakening first start? When did it first move to the Colonies?

  1. What event, in 1688, established the Church of England as the official church?

  1. What other three religions were suppressed as well? _______________________, ______________________, ________________________

  1. What was the biggest significance of the Great Awakening?

  1. The Great Awakening helped the colonists realize that religious power was in the hands of whom? ____________________________________________________

  1. How was the concept from Question 7 used by the colonists in the late 1700’s?

Origins of the Great Awakening

  1. What King assumed the throne in 1658 and attempted to ruin the Puritans? _________________________

  1. What did William and Mary accomplish with the Glorious Revolution of 1688?

  1. Brothers Charles and John Wesley helped to spawn what religious movement?

Some Figures of the Great Awakening

  1. George Whitefield came to America in what year? ____________________

  1. Was Whitefield’s arrival well received by the public? Why or why not?

  1. The new religious movement helped to spur what college in 1741? ___________________________

  1. Briefly explain the ideas of Jonathan Edwards.

  1. Explain the difference between New Lights and Old Lights.

Significance of the Great Awakening: Roots of Revolution

  1. One of the social effects of the Great Awakening was that the American people created what?

  1. The “chain of authority” changed during the Great Awakening. How did this happen?

  1. The Great Awakening also helped to spur the notion of state rule as what?

  1. The ideals of Puritanical covenant theology were manifested in what famous U.S. document?

  1. Briefly explain the idea of “social compact” as described in the Declaration of Independence.

  1. What famous quote came from British statesman William Knox?

  1. What famous found father gave credit to the Great Awakening as a source of motivation behind the American Revolution?

  1. Many Protestant religions were scared of what other religious domination?

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