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6th Grade Social Studies: World Geography and Global Issues SS060402

Unit 4: Culture Lesson 2

Graphic Organizer

Culture is…

Big Idea Card

Big Ideas of the Lesson 1, Unit 4

  • Culture is both shared and learned.

  • Culture is adaptive and can be changed to meet new circumstances.

  • Culture is integrated since the components of a culture are connected.

  • Culture is elastic because it is stretched and adjusted by people.

Word Cards



an organization founded for a religious, education, social or similar purpose

Example: Institutions such as schools are an important component of cultures.



a short well-known expression that states a general truth or gives advice
Example: A proverb such as “knowledge is power” tells you that the culture values knowledge.



a custom prohibiting or restricting a particular practice

Example: In some cultures it is a taboo to eat certain kinds of foods.


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