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Grantville Gazette


An electronic-only magazine of stories and fact articles based on Eric Flint's 1632 "Ring of Fire" universe

The Grantville Gazette can be purchased through Baen Books' Webscriptions service at (then select Webscriptions).

Each electronic volume of the Gazette can be purchased individually from Webscriptions, or you can purchase them in packages from Webscriptions as follows:

Volume 1. This volume is free and can be obtained from the Baen Free Library. (Once you're in the Baen web site at, select "Free Library" on the left hand side of the menu at the top. Then, select "The Books" and you'll find Grantville Gazette Volume 1.)

Volumes 2–4, $15.

Volumes 5–8, $15.

Volumes 8–10, $15.

Volumes 1–10, $40. This special offer allows all of our fans to read all of the stories published so far at a bargain rate.

Volumes 11–13, $15.

Volumes 14–16, $15.

Volumes 17–19, $15.

Volumes 20–22, $15.

Volumes 23–25, $15. Volume 23 is available, with Volumes 24 and 25 in production.


Or you can subscribe through, which is an electronic magazine that publishes six issues per year. The cost for access to the site for one year is $50.00. Downloads are available for each issue, and certain benefits also apply for members of the Ring of Fire club. See for more details.

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