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Dr. Blocker's Veterinary Clinic

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Dr. Blocker's Veterinary Clinic

"Hi, Dell. Dr. Blocker's fallen a bit behind. If you'll just wait in the waiting room, he'll see you as soon as he's free."

Dell glanced over towards the waiting area. The first thing he saw was the young girl. He froze for a moment. She looked so much like little Daisy. Backing away from the waiting area he turned to June. "If you don't mind, I'd prefer to wait outside."

Outside the surgery Dell leaned against the wall. The sight of the girl had brought back memories of that night spent beside Daisy's bed praying for a miracle that didn't come. When his breathing returned to normal, he pushed off from the wall and started to look around. The animals in the paddock beside the surgery attracted his attention. He'd always had a bit of a soft spot for the llamas. Or were they alpacas? He'd never really been sure of the difference.

He lean against the fence and he watched one of the animals approach. It didn't appear threatening, so he stood his ground until the llama started to gently butt its head against his chest.

"He wants you to scratch under the halter."

"Dr. Blocker?" Dell asked.

Les leaned forward and scratched the llama. "Call me Les. You're Dell, aren't you? Dr. Ellis told me you might come around asking about vaccines."

"Yeah, I'm Dell. Dr. Ellis told me you were working on a tetanus vaccine. Can I ask how far you've got?"

Les shook his head. "Not very far at all. In fact, we've basically shelved it as too difficult. We just don't have the trained staff. I'm spending half my days trying to train some new veterinarians and the other half tending to animals."

"What will it take to get you back working on a tetanus vaccine?"

The vet pushed away the llama and gave Dell a wry grin. "More than twenty-four hours in every day would be a great place to start. Come on, let's go for a walk. If I hang around the surgery, I'm bound to be called away."

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