Grade/Age level: High School The big question

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Curriculum for Secondary General Music Class

Deborah Backman, Joe Giovannetti, Julia Holsapple, Jeong-Young Hong

Grade/Age level: High School
The BIG question:

How does music affect popular culture (or vice versa) and how can we affect the way popular culture is defined?

Course Title: Music in Pop Culture
Course description:

How do you define popular culture? Do you think you can affect the way pop culture is defined? Throughout this course we will explore the way theatre, music, media/advertising, and spirituality affect popular culture. We will also create our own definitions of popular culture.

Course Goals:

-Students will learn to play a basic chord progression and use it to compose and improvise (NS 2, 3, 4, 5)

-Students will perform alone and with others different genres of popular music (NS 1, 2)

-Students will notate original compositions of popular music (NS 5)

-Students will analyze how different musical elements affect their emotions through the media (NS 6)

-Students will listen to different genres of music, and analyze and describe the basic musical elements of which they are comprised (NS 6)

-Students will self- and peer-evaluate performances in each unit (NS 7)

-Students will study how poetry, dance, theatre, spirituality, and the media affect music and vice versa (NS 8)

-Students will examine the history in social circumstances that create the music they know as “popular music” (NS 9)

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