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Syllabus – 8th Grade United States History

In this course, students will examine the political, economic, religious, social, intellectual, and artistic development of the United States from the arrival of the first American through Reconstruction. Throughout the course, an emphasis is placed on the development of social studies skills, critical thinking skills, geography skills, content for citizenship, and the multicultural nature of American society.

Your student has been given a textbook to take home and a “Grey Book” titled Mastering the Grade 8 Social Studies TEKS. This book has all vocabulary, TEKS, concept maps, and study cards for each unit of study. It is essential to study this material in order to pass the STAAR test in the spring.

First Six Weeks

Location and description of major physical features and regions

Reasons for exploration

Effect on Native American cultures

Founding of the English colonies

Celebrate Freedom Week

Development of regional differences

Origins of American democracy

Political and economic causes of the American Revolution

Events leading to the Revolutionary War

Second Six Weeks

Major events of the Revolutionary War

Ideas reflected in the Declaration of Independence

Strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

Issues addressed during the Constitutional Convention

Ratification of the Constitution

Structure and function of the 3 branches of government

Amending the Constitution

Responsibilities and rights of citizens

Understanding the Bill of Rights

Third Six Weeks

Challenges faced by the new nation

Washington/Adams’s administration

Formation of political parties

Age of Jefferson

Industrial Revolution

Age of Jackson

Fourth Six Weeks

Territorial growth (Texas, Oregon Country, California)

War with Mexico (Mexican Cession,. Gadsden Purchase)


Literature and Art

Fifth Six Weeks

Reform movements

Social and Economic differences between the North and the South

Political, Social and Economic Factors


Causes of the Civil War

Civil War

Key Events of the Civil War

Sixth Six Weeks

Effects of the Civil War


Rights and Responsibilities of U.S. citizens

Download 5.37 Kb.

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