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*****ANSWER KEY **** 8th Grade -- Study Guide for Colonization
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  1. What does it mean that Georgia was a “buffer” colony? GA was a military protective zone between English and Spanish settlements

  2. The main reason the king wanted to create the colony of Georgia was to: establish a source of raw materials

  3. Why did James Oglethorpe suggest forming a colony for the poor? His friend died in a debtors prison

  4. What items, which Great Britain had to import from France, Russia, and Spain, did Oglethorpe promise to produce in Georgia? Cotton dyes & silk

  5. Which kind of people Oglethorpe and his associates wanted to bring to Georgia? Poor but worthy

  6. True or False: Georgia’s charter guaranteed every settler his day in court to settle differences. False

  7. When did King George II grant Oglethorpe and the trustees a charter for the colony of Georgia? 1732

  8. According to the charter, what religious group was NOT allowed to settle in GA? Catholic

  9. According to Georgia’s charter, which group of people was forbidden to enter GA? blacks

  10. What ship brought Oglethorpe and the first colonists to Charleston, then Savannah, during the winter of 1733? Ann

  11. The European nation that set up a colony in Georgia under the leadership of James Oglethorpe was: Great Britian

  12. Those who were selected to settle the colony of Georgia were required by the Trustees to: use a portion of their land to grow mulberry trees

  13. The trustees gave the first settlers in Georgia the right to: own land

  14. What policy did the king make to ensure that the trustees did not take personal advantage of their position? The trustees could not hold office

  15. What Indians were led by Tomochichi? Yamacraw

  16. Who served as the translator for Oglethorpe in his discussions with Tomochichi? Mary Musgrove

  17. Tomochichi allowed James Oglethorpe to settle on a bluff overlooking which river? Savannah River

  18. Who surveyed and helped design the city of Savannah? Noble Jones

  19. Where did James Oglethorpe and the first Georgia colonists land when they arrived in Georgia? Yamacraw Bluff on the Savannah River

  20. Oglethorpe’s plan for the establishment of Savannah could BEST be described as: a city built around open squares

  21. The basic pattern of Savannah was fashioned after a design by: Robert Castell

  22. Why did Germans from Salzburg come to Georgia? To obtain religious freedom

  23. Who was the leader of the Germans from Salzburg? John Martin Bolzius

  24. Where did the Salzburgs first settle? Ebenezer

  25. The Salzburgers moved from their original Georgia settlement because: the land on which they settled was marshy and not very productive

  26. On which barrier island did the Salzburgers settle? St Simons Island

  27. The greatest threat to the new Georgia colony was: ________________________________

  28. Where did the Highland Scots settle in Georgia? Darien

  29. Which policy were the Highland Scots opposed to? Permitting slavery

  30. Who were the malcontents of the early Georgia colony? People who were unhappy and constantly complaining

  31. What three things were the malcontents upset about? Slavery, sale of rum, land ownership

  32. Which trustee policy did the colonists disagree with? Prohibition of slavery

  33. What was the importance of the Battle of Bloody Marsh? It was the beginning of a safe southern frontier for British

  34. What group came to the aid of James Oglethorpe in the Battle of Bloody Marsh? Highland Scots

  35. What does “Not for themselves but for others” mean? The trustees established GA for the purpose of helping the poor, not for the purpose of making themselves rich

  36. What impact did the departure of Oglethorpe to England have on the colony? Great impact, under the new leader most of the restrictive laws were changed

  37. In 1752, Georgia became what type of colony? royal

  38. Who controlled Georgia after it became a royal colony? The king of Great Britain

  39. What city served as Georgia’s capital during its period as a royal colony? Savannah

  40. When Georgia was a royal colony, how are members of the upper house of the legislature, the Governor’s Council, chosen? They were appointed by the King

  41. Who was the first royal governor of Georgia? John Reynolds

  42. While John Reynolds was its royal governor, Georgia established: a court system

  43. Governor Reynolds disbanded the legislature because: there was a disagreement over how to improve military defense

  44. Which royal governor permitted slavery in Georgia, made farms more profitable, and increased the number of merchants selling goods? Henry Ellis

  45. Which person served as a royal governor of Georgia? James Wright

  46. Who was governor of Georgia when the last of the palisades were built around Savannah, Sunbury became Georgia’s main port of entry, and the term “crackers” was used to refer to undesirables? James Wright

  47. How did the colonies benefit Great Britain economically? The colonies enabled Great Britain to manufacture goods to sell to other countries

  48. What goods did Great Britain import from the colonies? rye

  49. Why was the vision of the trustees never fully fulfilled? Dissension caused many colonists to move from the colony

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