Grade Social Studies Cereal Box Project

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5th Grade Social Studies - Cereal Box Project

Assigned Wednesday January 18, 2012 - Due Wednesday February 1, 2012
Students will be re-designing a cereal box to honor a person from the Revolutionary War whom the students perceive to be an American hero. This person should be someone from the time period we have covered in class, although it does not have to be a person that we discussed in class.
The first step in the assignment is to choose one person from American history whom you would consider an American hero (who did the things that were “hero-worthy” during the Revolutionary period). Students should then conduct research on this person using their class notes, their textbooks, and other outside resources (both internet and print resources). The research should include biographical information on the person, especially detailed information on the things that the person did that made the person “hero- worthy.”
Students should then begin re-designing a cereal box to honor that person using the following guidelines:

  • The cereal box that you re-design should be covered with white or light-colored paper.

  • The front of the box should include the name of the cereal – a creative name that somehow relates to your hero.

    • It should include an appropriately- sized picture of your hero as well. This can be printed from an online source, photocopied, or hand-drawn.

    • It might also include other slogans, catch-phrases, or other comments that relate to your figure. (For example, one dealing with Paul Revere might say, “The Redcoats are coming … For these flakes!”

  • The back of the box should include the most detailed information about your figure. Basically, you are writing a biographical essay on your hero. The essay should include the following components:

    • Information on the birth, education, and early years of your hero.

    • Information on the events that made your hero “hero-worthy.”

    • Information on any controversies (any serious flaws) that your hero was involved in.

    • A summary of the characteristics that made you select this person as an American hero.

  • One side panel should include at least one interesting quote from your hero and a brief

background as to when and why the particular quote was given, or to what event the quote refers to.

  • One side panel should include some random trivial facts about your hero – important relatives, funny facts, strange facts about the person’s death, interesting information about a political

campaign, etc.

  • The box bottom should include your name, your class period, and should also list any and all sources that you used during your research.

  • This needs to be done neatly with correct spelling, grammar, etc. Typed information can then be glued to the cereal box. The finished product should look as appealing as a professionally designed cereal box (within reason, of course).

On Wednesday February 1. 2012, you will turn in the cereal box after giving a 2-minute explanation of the figure that you selected and why you chose that particular figure as your hero.

Be sure that all of the work done on this project is done in your own words. Plagiarism will be dealt with harshly.

The project will go into the “project” category as a 200 point assignment and will be graded using the following rubric:

Cover – 40 points (design, images, slogans)

Sides – 10 points each (quotes, anecdotes, trivia)

Bottom – 10 points (name, sources)

Back – 80 points (Details, accuracy, style)

Basics – 20 points (Grammar, font, neatness)

Hero – 10 points (Do the reasons for your selection of this person as a hero come across clearly throughout

all of the project?)

Creativity - 10 points (overall look, creativity)

Presentation – 10 points (clarity, preparedness, substance, professionalism)
**If you select someone who does not fit the criteria for this assignment (the person is not connected to

American historical events or is outside the time period) the highest possible grade that you will receive is a 50. So, if you have questions about your hero, check with me first!)

If you have any questions about the project, you can always contact me at

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