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Center Activity 2: Refer to the worksheet: New England Food and Cooking. Students will read the information and answer the questions. Ask the students to discuss what they have read. On index cards write down these questions: Do we still eat these foods? Do we eat them differently or the same as the pilgrims did? Would you like to try these foods? As a group the students should write a summary of their discussion on a separate piece of paper. The summary should include responses to the questions above.
Center Activity 3: For this activity, each group will choose one of the thirteen colonies and create a travel brochure that will encourage others to visit. Have the students conduct research on the Internet, through books, and the link provided below. Ask them to include information about who founded the colony, what they discovered crops/food sources, natural resources, weather, events/activities, tourist spots, and any other information that would attract people to visit. Each group will present their brochure for the class at a later time.
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