Grade r outing to Hilton conservancy and wetland

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Grade R outing to Hilton conservancy and wetland

On Wednesday 18 March, the Cowan House Grade R children spent the morning at the Hilton conservancy, off Leonards Road, where they explored the wetland and picked up litter. We collected 2 big dustbin bags of rubbish that has been dropped along the road that runs through the area. The children were appalled that so much waste is dumped.

Exploring the wetland, the children discovered grasses, birds, including the pin-tailed whydah and red-collard bishop, dragon flies, butterflies, numerous caterpillars and wild flowers. The area has been rehabilitated from a waste-dump to an extensive wetland.

As we got closer to the water source, the children sank knee-deep into mud, and great fun was had pulling gum-boots, children and teachers from the bog!

Fortunately, we were close to Mrs Evans house and washed off muddy hands, feet and boots before a dip in the pool and a delicious, well-earned snack!

When asked about the best part of their day, children said:

Getting muddy; seeing all the birds and animals; playing in the mud; swimming; finding flowers and grasses; going on the Cowan House buses; going into the wetland; finding bugs; going into the forest; EVERYTHING!

At the beginning of our trek.

Picking up litter along the way.

Finding grasses and flowers.

Finding more litter – the bag is full!

Stuck in the mud!

Finding the stream that runs through the wetland

I’ve lost a shoe!!

Mud everywhere!

The trek home!

Wash time, before snack and a swim!

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