Grade 8 morality notes to chapter 9: 4

Q. How is the family a Domestic Church?

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Q. How is the family a Domestic Church?

A: A Christian family must be a community of faith, hope, and love. When these three virtues are practiced by both the parents and children, the family begins to realize its spiritual quality as a ‘domestic church’ and becomes more like the image of the loving Trinity: the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Q: What are our family duties?

A: 1) Respect your parents. They took care of you and your needs while you were young. As you matured, remember to give back to what they have done for you (Refer to Sir 7:27-28)

2) Children must obey their parents. As children, we are obliged to obey our parents because we trust in their goodness for our well being. We must seek their advice, accept them for their wisdom. As we grow older, we may no longer be obligated to obey them but must always respect them and give them reverence.

3) Become responsible grown children. This includes giving them physical, moral, and even material support especially when they become sick or lonely.

4) Promote family harmony. This includes avoiding rivalries, angers, envies, and hostilities to each other including brothers and sisters.

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