Grade 8 morality notes to chapter 9: 4

Q: Are there any limitations to this commandment?

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Q: Are there any limitations to this commandment?

A: Yes; there are limits to the obedience required. When an authority figure commands you to do something that is inherently wrong, immoral or against God’s law, or is an unjust civil law, then you are not obliged to follow that command. Civil authorities sometimes establish and enforce laws that go against moral law.

Q: How is the family the basic unit of society?

A: A healthy family means a healthy society. Family virtues, such as authority, stability, and loving relationships, are essential for a society that desires freedom, security, and community awareness. Successful societies need citizens who are honest, respectful, disciplined, trustworthy, peaceful, faithful, chaste, loyal, dependable, loving, just and merciful and also have faith in God. A weakened family is a threat to society.

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