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The learning task related to the content learning objective

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The learning task related to the content learning objective.

  • Students will analyze the Constitutionality of the Missouri Compromise within the context of the Era of Good Feelings.

  1. Language Function: Students will analyze sectionalism during the Era of Good Feelings by writing an argument in the form of a letter.

  1. Language Demands:

  1. Vocabulary:

  1. Syntax:

The Missouri Compromise did _______________

I dislike the Missouri Compromise because ___________________

I believe the Missouri Compromise can be improved by _______________

  1. Discourse: Students write a letter in a formal style, using complete sentences to make and support an argument.

  1. Language Objective: Students will analyze the Missouri Compromise in the context of the Era of Good Feelings, and critique its shortcomings by writing an argument from the perspective of a sectionalist in 1820.

  1. Language Support: What instructional strategies will you use during your lesson to teach the specific language skill and provide support and opportunities for guided and independent practice?

  • I will help students describe the balance of power in the Senate with a graphic organizer.

  • I will help students analyze sectionalism by drawing on past experiences.

  • I will model how to write a formal letter.

  • For underperforming individuals, I will provide opportunities to work in pairs, and I will make sure to stop and check for understanding when they are given time to think and work on answers individually. If necessary, I will provide sentence starters for the formal letter to their Senator.

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