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Informal assessment strategies to use during class

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Informal assessment strategies to use during class: Think, pair, share responses; graphic organizer; guided reading questions.

  1. Written assessment used to determine, for each individual student, to what extent they have met your learning objectives: Exit slip with focus question: Was the “Era of Good Feelings” an appropriate title for Monroe’s presidency?

E. Lesson Resources/Materials:

  • PowerPoint slides

  • Graphic Organizer

  • Guided Reading Paper

  • Textbook

Instructional Sequence - Engaging Students in the Learning Process

Introduction (_5_min.):

  • Review Agenda for the day: summarize war of 1812, “your year of 2014” activity, Era of Good Feelings PowerPoint, and Chapter 11-3 Guided Reading. Focus question they will be answering at the end of the class is: “Was ‘The Era of Good Feelings’ an appropriate title to describe Monroe’s Presidency?”

  • Pass out EOGF graphic organizer for students. They should be filling this in as we progress through the powerpoint.

  • Teacher begins slideshow by asking students to write down the 5 most important things that happened to them in 2014. They are then asked to create a name for the year, based on those 5 things: 2014 was the year of _____. After giving students two minutes to write their answers, they will share their answer with a neighbor, and then with the whole class.

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