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Describe the learning task(s) related to the content learning objective

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Describe the learning task(s) related to the content learning objective.

Students will analyze the influence of perspective in the telling of history by creating, then comparing, secondary sources that summarize the significance of the Monroe Doctrine.

  1. Language Function: Students will construct and then compare analyses of the Monroe Doctrine from multiple perspectives.

  1. Language Demands:


New to this lesson: Hemisphere, Political Cartoon

Previously taught but need continued support: Perspective, Nationalism, Monroe Doctrine

Previously learned: Era of Good Feelings

The Monroe Doctrine was intended to protect Latin America. This is shown by ______

The Monroe Doctrine was issued so that America could dominate Latin America itself. The ______ political cartoon shows this by ______________________.

Discourse: Students will write in a formal style, using complete sentences to support an analysis.

  1. Language Objective: What is/are the language objective(s) for your lesson?

Students will construct interpretations of the Monroe Doctrine from multiple perspectives, and then compare these interpretations and analyze the different perspectives by writing and argument in a formal style using complete sentences.

  1. Language Support:

  • I will show examples and model how to draw a political cartoon for the class.

  • To support students in writing their argumentative analysis of the Monroe Doctrine, I will model proper syntax for citing evidence in a written argument.

  • I will provide a handout that explains how political cartoons illustrate perspective.

  • I will model how to analyze a political cartoon to reveal an author’s perspective.

  • To support underperforming students, I will allow students to work in groups to help these students to understand the concept of perspectives in the telling of history.

  • To support underperforming students in analyzing political cartoons, I will work 1-1 to clarify misunderstandings, and provide sentence-starters if necessary.

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