Grade: 8 Content Area/Class Title

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Teacher Candidate: Daniel Hagerty
Grade: 8 Content Area/Class Title: US History

Class Size: 34 Class Period Length: 45 minutes
Lesson 1: What is the Era of Good Feelings?
Lesson Length: 45 Minutes (one class period)

Date: 2/20
Planning for the Lesson

A: Standards

  1. Key Content Standards:

  • CASS 8.5-2: Know the changing boundaries of the United States and describe the relationships the country had with its neighbors and Europe, including the influence of the Monroe Doctrine.

  • CCSS RH 2: Determine the central ideas or information of a secondary source; provide an accurate summary of the source distinct from prior knowledge or opinions.

  1. Related ELD Standard: N/A

B. Objectives

  1. Learning Outcome/Objective: Students will understand that, despite its name, the Era of Good Feelings was actually filled with sectional conflict and international anxiety.

  1. Language Objective (transfer this from "Incorporating Academic Language"): Students will analyze the Era of Good Feelings by constructing a written argument in complete sentences about whether or not they believe that the “Era of Good Feelings” is an appropriate description of Monroe’s presidency.

C. Cognitive Task:

  1. After learning circumstances during James Monroe’s presidency that led to his presidency being named, “The Era of Good Feelings,” students will analyze the sectional conflict and international anxiety that also existed during his presidency, and use their findings to critique the “Era of Good Feelings.”

D. Assessments:

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