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Unit Shifts

Standards-Based Instruction

This unit was created on the foundation of standards-based instruction. Unit development began by closely analyzing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and determining focus standards to drive teaching and learning toward the performance-based assessment. Individual lessons were intentionally designed to build in complexity, creating opportunities for students to build proficiency toward the standards. Student mastery of the focus standards is evaluated in the end-of-unit performance-based assessment.

Reading Closely

In this unit, students read texts closely multiple times. The functional purpose of close reading is for students to move beyond summarizing what they read to analyzing and deeply comprehending texts, which usually requires several readings in which students build their understanding with each additional reading. Note that there is not one “right” way for students to read closely—close reading looks different in various lessons, depending on the lesson objective. The concept of close reading is not a process but rather, an end goal of gaining a thorough understanding of texts and the implications. Close reading lessons should include:

  • Selection of brief, high-quality, complex texts, worthy of close reading,

  • Individual reading and/or group reading aloud texts,

  • Text-based questions that guide students to analyze authors’ words, rather than simply connect to their own experiences or opinions, and

  • Student discussion and/or writing in response to texts.

An overview of selected unit texts can be found here.

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