Grade 3 Exemplar Essay (This is what mastery would look like!) Prompt: You have read two texts about famous people in American history who solved a problem by working to make a change

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Grade 3 Exemplar Essay (This is what mastery would look like!)

Prompt: You have read two texts about famous people in American history who solved a problem by working to make a change. Write an article for your school newspaper describing how Eliza and Carver faced challenges to change something in America. In your article, be sure to describe in detail why some solutions they tried worked and others did not work. Tell how the challenges each one faces were the same and how they were different.

News articles often cover problems, but today this article will address problems that were well- solved. The two passages, “Eliza’s Cherry Trees: Japan’s Gift to America” and “The Peanut Man,” feature newsworthy stories of people who faced challenges in changing something for America. Both people featured came up with solutions. Some of these worked, and others did not. But both Eliza and Carver both cared enough about what they did and the people they helped, that they never gave up.

The first story is about Eliza. Eliza wished to bring Japanese cherry trees from Japan to Washington, D.C. Her solution was to ask Washington parks directors to plant them, but they all said ‘No.’ Even though they said no and her solution didn’t work, Eliza kept trying. Eventually, she came up with a new solution. She wrote to the newly elected president, William Taft. “Mrs. Taft loved the idea!” and cherry trees were ordered from Japan. But this solution didn’t work either. The trees got diseases and had “to be burned to ashes.” Eliza worried the mayor of Tokyo would think this was a sign of disrespect, but he understood and sent more cherry trees. Finally, Washington, D.C. now has cherry blossoms every spring.

Like Eliza, George Washington Carver also ran into challenges when he tried to change America for the better. George knew of a problem with the constant planting of cotton. Cotton depleted soil of “most of the nutrients.” These feed the soil so it can be used every year. George wanted to help farmers who “relied on cotton to support themselves.” Planting peanuts was a solution to add rich nutrients back into the soil. By planting cotton one year and then peanuts the next, the farmers could keep their fields’ soil healthier. But this solution had a problem of growing too many peanuts. George then taught the farmers “more than 300 uses for peanuts.” At first, people may have been skeptical. But, George did not give up. He taught them about “peanut milk, peanut paper, and peanut soap.” In the end, farmers were better off. George Washington Carver had accomplished his goal!

In conclusion, although Eliza and George faced challenges in changing something in America, they were smart enough to overcome those challenges. Eliza was not addressing a problem as big as George’s because no one was losing income over her problem. But they both cared about others. Eliza wanted everyone to enjoy the trees and George wanted to help the farmers. But Eliza faced blocks from people who did not want to listen to her. Carver faced problems not from people saying no, but from there being too many peanuts. In the end, they both worked hard, cared about others, and kept trying. Now that’s news worth reporting!

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