Grace Stuart Stephanie Rzepka

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Grace Stuart

Stephanie Rzepka

Victoria Kohler

The Lady or the Tiger?

The man looked up at the beautiful princess. He smiled and extended his arm towards the door. Confidently he tensed his muscles and lowered the latch. Everything went silent, until he heard the low chuff and loud growl of the hungry tiger. The man could see it’s thirst for blood, and it lunged out at him with unsheathed claws. Shrieks erupted out of the man’s throat as he ran trying to evade his certain death.

The princess shielded her eyes and a loud sob escaped her lips. Her father sat alongside her with a sly grin forming on his grotesque appearance. The swain glanced up at his beloved princess in tears and felt a pang of anguish for his lover. He then glanced in the direction of the king and saw his foolish grin and felt a fire of outrage pool in him.

Famishment in his eyes, the tiger took advantage of the moment and lashed at the man snatching his leg. Blood gushed from his battered limb soaking the tiger in deep red fluid. Agony panged through his body and horror through his heart. The tiger tore into his flesh consuming it in one bite.

Black invaded the man’s vision, as he felt death clutch him. He exchanged one last glimpse with his beloved princess as he heard the crowd roar with barbaric excitement. The tiger took one final blow to the youth’s head and ended his short life. The “End”

Download 3.51 Kb.

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