Government: What did each Mayan city-state have?

Part 5: Gods and Mythology

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Part 5: Gods and Mythology

Under Maya, click on Gods and Mythology

  1. Why is Itzamna an important Mayan god?

He created the Earth

  1. What does the name “Kukulkan” mean?

"Feathered serpent"

  1. Why were Mayan kings so religiously important?

Kings were thought to be gods themselves

  1. What were some of the services Mayan priests were expected to perform?

Rituals to keep the people in the favor of the gods, answers will vary

  1. Who were the only people who started out in heaven according to the Mayan viewpoint on the afterlife?

Women who died in childbirth and people who had been sacrificed to the gods

  1. When did the Mayans think the world would come to an end?

December 21, 2012

  1. What grade would you give the Mayans for their achievements and treatment of human beings?


Please explain the reason behind your grade!

Answers will vary

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