Government: What did each Mayan city-state have?

Part 4: Art Under Maya, click on

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Part 4: Art

Under Maya, click on Art

  1. About how long did the Mayan civilization exist?

1500 years

  1. List several of the influences on Mayan art?

Olmecs and the Toltecs

  1. What is a stela? Who did stelas typically honor?

A stela was a large tall stone slab covered with carvings and writing, it usually honored a king

  1. List some of the parts of Mayan life that murals focused on?

Daily life, mythology, battles, and religious ceremonies

  1. What materials were Mayan books made from?

Leather or bark paper

  1. What type of musical instruments did the Mayans use?

Wind instruments, drums, and rattles

  1. Why would kings often commission works of art?

To commemorate events in their lives

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