Government: What did each Mayan city-state have?

Part 2: Daily Life of the Mayans

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Part 2: Daily Life of the Mayans

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  1. What was life like as a Mayan noble?

All of their needs were met. They had an easy life

  1. What type of work did most Mayan peasants do?


  1. What was an important part of the day for all Mayan people?


  1. What would men and women typically work on in the evening?

Crafts, tools, and clothing

  1. What type of clothing would the wealthy wear?

The wealthy wore colorful clothing made from animal skins and also had feather headdresses

  1. What type of clothing would common men and women wear?

Men wore loincloths while women wore long skirts

  1. Once married, what did men and women decorate their bodies with?


  1. What type of food products did the Mayans make from maize/corn?

Tortillas, porridge, drinks

  1. What food product came from the cacao tree?


  1. What did the Mayans use cacao seeds as?


  1. List several of the other unique foods that the Mayan ate:

Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, black beans, and papaya

  1. What were the houses of Mayan commoners like?

Usually one room and elevated to prevent flooding

  1. What was most Mayan entertainment centered on?

Religious ceremonies

  1. List the physical features that the Mayans considered to be beautiful?

Maya considered crossed eyes, flat foreheads, and big noses to be beautiful features

  1. What was unique about Mayan hats and headdresses?

The more important the person, the taller the hat they wore

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