Government and Rise of Athens Overhead 1 Monarchy Monarchy

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Government and Rise of Athens

Overhead 1 Monarchy

  • Monarchy: When a king rules over a group of people

  • Rulers inherit their powers inherit(handed down)

  • When did monarchies originate in Greece? When the Minoans and Mycenaeans gained power

  • How was power passed on? To the oldest son

  • Areopagus- Council of aristocrats who served under King aristocrats: wealthy

  • Who did the king rely on to defend the land? The king relied on the aristocrats(wealthy people) who provided the soldiers

  • How did the king lose power? The aristocrats realized if they stopped helping the king, then the king would have no power. The aristocrats then overthrew the king

Overhead 2 Oligarchy 800-546 BCE

  • Oligarchy: Few people hold power over large group

  • How did they gain power? Kings relied on the aristocrats to help defend the land. Once the aristocrats stopped helping the king, they overthrew the king

  • Under oligarchy rich became richer and the poor became poorer

  • End of Dark Ages city-states grew too large- This led to? a shortage of food and unrest

  • Farmers lost land to wealthy/ sold selves to slavery

  • Oligarchs ignored the needs of whom? The poor (majority of the people)

  • This led to the rise of Tyrants

  • Peisistratus ( py- SIS-truht-uhs) overthrew the oligarchy in 546

Overhead 3 Tyrants 546-500 BCE

  • Tyranny: Leader who seized power by force

  • Why were tyrants able to seize power? The people were tired of the oligarchy and would support the tyranny

  • Why were tyrants supported by the people? They aided the poor, reformed laws, created building projects and held festivals

  • Helped develop democracy- taught citizens that if you unite behind a leader then can make changes

  • Why is tyranny different than a monarchy?

    1. Tyrant does not have legal right to the throne (king has legal right)

    2. Tyrant’s son usually does not inherit the throne (king’s eldest son inherits the throne)

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