Government After School Unit 2: Freedom vs. Security Assignment Unit 2 page requirements

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Government After School

Unit 2: Freedom vs. Security



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  • Title of Unit, “Freedom vs. Security”

  • Read the article, “The 9/11 Dilemma: Freedom versus Security” article by Patricia Smith. Please annotate the article first. Next, write a summary of article and post on your website. Summary MUST be 10+ sentences and AT LEAST one quote from the article. Summary must also include comments on your own opinion of the article/topic. AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS SUMMARY, PLEASE WRITE THE NAME OF THE ARTICLE YOU CHOSE AND THE ARTICLE.

  • Make a section of the website that says, “Additional Resources” and include two more resources on the topic. These resources may be articles, videos, cartoons, etc.

The above list is the bare minimum needed for the page. The more information, videos, pictures, etc. that you can collect, the better!

1. Article Annotation: 3 point process grade

Text Annotation Rubric




Underlining, Circling, Highlighting Passages

*Missing in most passages

*Underlined/ highlighted portions are too long

*Present in some passages

*In some cases, too much information is highlighted or underlined

*Present in all passages

*Are brief and specific, bringing focus to the most important points

Notes in the Margin

*Per page, the text includes less than 2 notes in the margin

*Per page, the text includes between 2-4 notes in the margin

*Per page, the text includes at least 5 notes in the margin, ranging from paraphrasing/reaction to the text, to commenting on it.


*No questions provided

*Per page, there is 1 question

*Per page, there are 2 questions that are basic and not thought-provoking.

*Per page, there are 2 questions, at least one of which that is thought-provoking that you could ask the class (use the sentence starters to help with this!)

Comments: Score:______/3

2. Summary on article posted on website, 10+ sentences with at least one quote. (3 point process grade)

3. Additional Resources Section (3 point process grade)
4. Overall website page

  • 3 Points: Student has met all of the above requirements

  • 2 Points: Student has met most of the above requirements

  • 1 Point: Student has met the bare minimum for this assignment

Student may be awarded 4 points for exceptional work and additional components on page!

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