Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 Mercury Conspiracy Theory

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Ashtar DA - TimeFrame

The paradigm is shifting and the negativity has been combated – the Deprogramming is starting now towards the creation of the Federation of Nations and full Disclosure is on schedule for mid July

Skirvin, 6/17/2011 (Revered Joshua, “Paradigm Shift Begins” Ashtar Command Center Spiritual Blogs, http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/paradigm-shift-begins-1#ixzz1QX9kprh6, accessed: 6/27/11, SL)

But our jobs now as light-workers and warriors will be much easier, which is a blessing because we need all the positive energy we can muster up to not only deal with our own Deprograming. But the Deprograming of the sleeping survivors, starting with the lightworkers, so that as many as possible of the original 250,000 may wake up. And in so doing we may all make the Ascension Program a complete reality. Our mission has up to now been greatly hampered. I want to shout and cheer for the''war both in the heavens and on earth is over''. Lets celebrate this very special occasion as soon as we can. Problem is I don't know if we have time for a party, as time itself is speeding up as well. But do put the word out that this Great News comes from Sananda and Ashtar, so I believe its true. Also they say we should start to feel the Christ energy now as it returns. Jesus is head of the Christ office and the valves have been opened full throttle, take in as much as you can handle. I myself have begun to feel and remember these energies from long ago before we neared the 50% mark of negativity. Which we are more than Lucky to survive as some planets didn't make it far past that mark. But we are special. Thats why our father Michael created Jesus to save us. The ascended Masters have also been busy, not only in the spirit realm but down here on the planet as well. They are nearly finished with the preparations of installing the new benevolent world gov't called (FON) the Federation of Nations. There human partners are now in place to take leadership when Discloser and Contact is made, which also looks to be on schedule by or before summer in the west. The new world currency backed by precious metals are also in place and ready to be distrbuted. And of course the federation of light is also very involved in all of this and are ready to take there places. The time peroid of mid June to mid July is still holding strong. I believe we must stick to this time table because of the coming of planet-X,ELEnin and the Great Disruption and Earth Changes it will bring.

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