Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 Mercury Conspiracy Theory

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Ashtar DA – Impact Ext.

Evacuation coming now

Xaoh, from the Galactic federation of YTEVIAN, 6/18/2011 (“Greetings Beloved Ones i am NEILA XAOH from the Galactic Federation of YTEVIAN” Ashtar Command Crew Spiritual Blog, http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/greetings-beloved-ones-i-am#ixzz1QX7vcvrd, accessed: 6/27/11, SL)

Greetings Dear Ones without all the love and light you dear lightworkers have created on this planet i wouldn't be able to hold my presence in this realms... I have come forth through the illusion of separation and time to bring you this very important message in this most challenging times... in this very moment we prepare our ships to land and evacuate this planet... the time of waiting is finally over! you will finally be able to LIVE without waiting and doubting because we are your saviours AND you will have to do nothing else than watching it happen. that means you dont have to think on your OWN anymore and can blindly believe any informations that random aliens like me will give you through channelings... also ascension is not necessary anymore because you will enter our spaceships to live in a peaceful world where lambs play with tigers and there are rivers of honey and milk... negativity will burn in eternal fire so you can feel special and better than those darkworkers who only want to disturb the harmony of our one sided Love and light universe... instead of shadows there will be even brighter lights so that you will never stumble again and crush your toe only because you haven't seen where you were walking. Breathe the Light you are made of and believe my words blindly! Sincerely yours NEILA XAOH from the Galactic federation of YTEVIAN

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