Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 Mercury Conspiracy Theory

Link & Impact – The 1ac embraces negativity rather than lightness, makes evacuation impossible and guarantees our extinction

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Link & Impact – The 1ac embraces negativity rather than lightness, makes evacuation impossible and guarantees our extinction

Skirvin, 6/17/2011

(Revered Joshua, “Best Kept Secrets #3” Ashtar Command Center Spiritual Blogs, http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/best-kept-secrets-3#ixzz1QXGL8Ogq, accessed: 6/27/11, SL)

Hello friends, let us finish this article on planet-x. As it is the 3rd. time here now it gets bigger and stronger as it pulls on the earth and forces the magnetic energy to expand and start to change course. The earths expansion causes earth quakes and volcanoes to go off to release the pressure. We will see more of what happened in New Zealand and now Japan as Planet-x gets closer still. The plates under Japan will continue to move and break up as the earth quakes there continue on and on,more damage is yet to come. The moon like the earth has been forced to move away from Planet-x and has also changed its course. And of course the sun is really upset because it is so close to it and will continue with its coronas and super flares. More heavy storms will also continue on earth with floods like last year until Planet-x moves away from us but first she will show her face to us for all to see. things will settle down a bit until she returns again next year and will come even closer and be a even stronger pull on the earth sun and moon. Planet-x will join in the Galactic alignment of dec.21,2012. And thats when who ever is still here who has a ticket to leave must leave as things will get very heavy down here. I myself am looking forward to the new adventure on the new earth they have prepared for us. No one in fear or negativity will be picked by the ships that will come to rescue us. The rescue should start sometime next year according to how heavy the earth changes are. The christens call it the Golden age of peace. .Hope to see you there in our new healthy and young bodies. Or if you choose you can join the Federation of light and visit the universe. Some may even wish to come back to repopulate the old earth when she is finished her healing process. Anyway you look at it, its going to be exciting times. The governments of the western world want to keep it a secret because they don;t believe we the people will survive. They and the sinister secret government SSG have known about this for a long time and have built underground cities,bases,roads and rail systems for there survival. But they don;t know about Jesus,Ashtar and the federation of light rescue plans for us. All of this and more,I write about in my new book which you can get on my web site. I want people to know there is hope even amongst the greatest change the people and the earth has ever gone through. We are not alone in this quest and never was. We are on journey without distance. So we must start the re-awaking process now so that we are ready for it because ready or not here it comes

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