Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 Mercury Conspiracy Theory

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1NC - Ashtar DA

  1. Uniqueness – We are moving towards our necessary quota of lightness

Ariana, Pleiadian Walk In and Channel and Communicator, Healer and Artist, 11

(Anakya, 5/2/2011, “Channelling, Human Ascension: Earth Changes and Evacuation of Earth” Ashtar Spiritual Forum, http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/instructions-for-accomplishing#ixzz1QVjan065, accessed: 6/24/11, SL)

Remember: it is due to the lack of light that we have not met the Galactic Federation of Light. Yes, I said LIGHT. They do not resonate with darkness. They will not return-until a certain quota of light is here. You, as lightworkers, have been sent here for one reason, and one reason ONLY. To work with light-to focus it-to create it-to HOLD IT ONCE CREATED-to transform...in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Do a visualization. Imagine traveling to a foreign land-where friendly and loving people reach out to you-and compete to have you in their home as a guest, so they can treat you well and listen to your stories of where you are from-and exchange love. There are no wars, there is no crime. All the world....is at peace, and in joy and laughter. We have so long been enslaved, that we no longer can fathom true freedom. Want to explore the Pleades and return home for awhile? Imagine no calendar-no job to return to-no money-and only safety, health and happiness in your travels. All is provided. We will learn and follow the Law of One. Which creates balance and good for all. All is one. One is all. Namaste. Lightworkers....master and hold the light....

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