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he American West
In Dee Brown’s book you will find the story of the American West
documented by the many facts that bring so much interest to this
unique geographic area and highlighted by some of the individual stories
which have characterized the region long after the West was won. Learn
cowpokes, Native Americans, pioneers, prospectors, railroaders, and
many more.

The American West, Softback, more than 70 illustrations and
pictures, 461 pages: $19.99

Birds of Utah

This field guide is separated by coloring and gives basic descriptions of the common birds found in Utah along with many of their habits and a map showing where the different birds can be usually found and in what season to look for them.

Birds of Utah, Softback, Almost 200 photos, Birding Checklist, 309 pages: $13.95


irds of Prey of the West

This field guide highlights owls, hawks, eagles and
other birds of prey by coloring, providing

descriptions along with some of their distinctive

habits and a location map, showing where the
different birds can be usually found.

Birds of Prey of the West, Softback, over 280
photos, Birding Checklist, 247 pages: $14.95

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