Golden Spike National Historic Site Bookstore Promontory Summit, Utah Operated by Western National Parks Association

Golden Spike, DVD/20 minutes: .95

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Golden Spike, DVD/20 minutes: $16.95

Ridin’ the Rails is a nostalgic look at the history of the American railroad as told in story and song by legendary Johnny Cash.

“There’s nothing that stirs my imagination like the sound of a steam locomotive—that lonesome whistle cutting through the night and that column of black smoke & steam throwing shadows across the land. When I was a boy the trains ran by my house and they carried with them a promise that somewhere down the track anything would be possible.”

Johnny Cash

Ridin’ the Rails narrated by Johnny Cash, DVD/52 minutes: $19.95

Transcontinental Railroad Details the building of the Transcontinental Railroad from the beginning planning stages to its completion.
The History Channel’s production The Transcontinental Railroad, DVD/50 minutes: $26.99

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