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Best of Covered Wagon Women Vol. I & II

These two books share more than 18 inspirational stories of pioneer women gathered from journals and letters while they endured many trials in order to make their own way in a developing nation. These stories of triumph and tragedy connect the reader to a pivotal time in United States history.

Best of Covered Wagon Women Volumes 1 & 2, Softback, 304 & 253 pages: $19.95

The Central Pacific Railroad

The book written in 1882 describes the building of the western end of the Transcontinental Railroad. The Central Pacific had the more difficult section of work, due to the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and the distance and shipping demands that were associated with the construction from the West.

The Central Pacific Railroad, Softback, over 48 illustrations, 48 pages: $7.99

Commonly asked Questions about Utah’s Great Salt Lake

Learn more about the story of the Great Salt Lake including; historic water levels, its native species, the islands, its history, and much more.

Commonly asked Questions about Utah’s Great Salt Lake

and Ancient Lake Bonneville, Paperback, 25 pictures, maps, and illustrations, 22 pages: $2.25

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