Golden Retrievers of Camelot House

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Buyer Agreement

  1. Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours. If the puppy is checked by a licensed veterinarian and found to be sick due to a congenital defect, the owner shall notify the breeder and provide a written statement from a licensed veterinarian describing the puppy’s condition. The owner shall return the puppy and AKC paperwork to the breeder within three days of the examination. The breeder will replace the puppy or refund the original purchase price of the puppy provided the puppy is returned within three days. Sick does not include parasites such as worms, Coccidia, Giardia, fleas or mites, since

these are common in dogs and puppies.

  1. Buyer agrees not expose the pup to other dogs, take it to any doggie play parks, or any other place frequented by roaming dogs, including pet stores, until all of his/her immunizations are complete.

  2. Buyer agrees to administer Vitamin C daily, 250 mg until 3 months of age, 500 mg from 3-9 months, then 1000 mg until 24 months. Proper exercise must be included, but no overzealous exercise or stair racing or the like.

  3. There is sufficient evidence that early spay and neuter can lead to long bone overgrowth; therefore, Buyer agrees to allow puppy to reach maturity before neutering. Buyer agrees to prevent pregnancy if, in the case of a female puppy, she has a heat cycle before she is 1 year old. As a convenience to Buyer, Breeder will house a female puppy on her first cycle at low cost if given notice on day 1 of the heat cycle. Dog (male) puppy must be neutered by 18 months of age. Buyer agrees not to allow the male dog to impregnate another dog.

  4. Buyer agrees this puppy will never be resold to a pet store, puppy mill, another individual or business. Buyer agrees this pup will never be surrendered to an animal shelter or animal rescue. If buyer is unable to keep the puppy for any reason, the breeder must be notified. Buyer agrees to return the puppy to Golden Retrievers of Camelot House if he/she is unable or unwilling to care for their Golden Retriever. The buyer will not receive a refund; however, the breeder agrees to place the pup in a suitable home. Buyer agrees not to give the pup to a family member or friend without prior approval from Golden Retrievers of Camelot House. If Buyer fails to comply with this, Buyer shall pay Breeder damages of $5000.00.

  5. Buyer agrees to give appropriate veterinary care for the lifetime of the pup through yearly vet examinations, required vaccines, boosters and preventative health care. Failure to show verification of yearly vet exams and up-to-date vaccines voids the health guarantee.

  6. Buyer agrees that the puppy will never be exclusively housed outside. A fenced in yard or kennel is to be provided if the pup will be housed outside a portion of the time.  Adequate shelter away from the elements and proper shade must be available. The pup will never be tied, chained or placed on a pulley.

  7. Buyer agrees to properly feed, water, exercise, groom, train and care for this puppy. The pup will not be neglected or abused in any manner.

  8. Hip dysplasia is caused by genetics, diet, overfeeding and too much exercise at a young age. Since genetics play only about a 25% role in the problem of hip dysplasia, owners are responsible for the other 75%. This can be done by:

  1. Keeping the dog at his/her ideal weight since being overweight can cause stress on a pup's soft developing bones. The ideal weight for dogs allows the ribs to be felt, but not seen. If they cannot be felt, the dog is overweight. If they can be seen, the dog is underweight.

  2. Not over exercising the pup to the point of exhaustion or taking him/her for long walks, runs or jogs until 12 months of age.

  3. Feeding the pup a premium dog food. We recommend a large breed dog food with meat as the first ingredient, one with a four or five star rating as can be seen on

  1. Buyer agrees this puppy will only be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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