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5/14/06 - “GOD’S TEST OF LOYALTY” Part 7 20L - FM

Victory Ministries International presents:

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Hello! This is Richard Vaughn

Today we will continue our series titled, “GOD’S TEST OF LOYALTY” and today’s segment will be Part 7. Before we begin, let us seek God’s guidance, “Heavenly Father, we are studying a subject that carries the consequences of eternal life with You, or eternal separation from You, but a matter you have made very clear through your word. Father, most Christians aren’t aware that Satan has almost the whole world confused on this issue, and that most will be lost if they don’t understand your revealed truth. So again we ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and we pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that we may live in the center of Your revealed will, as we ask in Jesus Name, Amen.”

Right now, I continue to keep my pledge, to cry aloud and spare not, to lift up my voice like a trumpet and to show God’s people where they are transgressing God’s law.

Over last 7 weeks, I have stated that the first beast of Revelation 13 and the little horn power in Daniel 7 is the antichrist beast power and have listed the 12 points that identifies the Papacy as the antichrist little horn power in Daniel 7. Here are those points in review:

Point #1. He comes up among the nations of Western Europe.

Point #2. He comes up after 476 AD. Fulfilled in 538 AD.

Point #3. The Papacy eliminated the three resisting nations.

Point #4. A man at the head of this governing power.

Point #5. Led by a different spirit than the Spirit of God.

Point #6. The antichrist Papacy speaks blasphemy against God.

Point #7. Is different because it is a religious/political power.

Point #8. Would persecute, kill and torture God’s true people.

Point #9. Would be exercising power, until Jesus comes.

Point #10. Papacy thinks he changed times.

Point #11. Papacy thinks he changed God’s Laws.

Point #12. Papacy would be in power 1,260 years.

Friends, understand that the word antichrist as it’s used in the Bible is not against Christ, rather is in place of Christ, claiming to be Christ on earth.

Now we’ll pick up where we left off last week, as we will now investigate how John describes this same antichrist power as the first beast of Revelation 13. He is the one who gives almost the whole Christian world the mark that will cause most to be lost, so you better listen as God’s word makes it clear.

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