God's Provided Place Of Worship

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God's Provided Place Of Worship

[65-0425, God's Provided Place Of Worship, Los Angeles, CA, 99 min]
L-1 Let us bow our heads just a moment. Dear Heavenly Father, we certainly deem this a privilege to be here today in this city of Los Angeles, and amongst these, the believers that... the Elected that's been called out of the world, separated children of God, in this great hour that we're living, under this great expectation of the appearing of our Lover, the Lord Jesus, at any time. We thank Thee for this in our heart, that we believe that He will come in our generation. We're looking for Him today. If He isn't here today, and we're here tomorrow, we'll be looking for Him tomorrow.

L-2 Dear God, we pray that this meeting will be just a--a special meeting. May it be a time that it'll make a--a record for the Church advancement, that'll be on Your Books in the Eternity. Bless every feeble effort that we put forth, Father. We realize that we're a total failure without You, so therefore we must have You, Lord, if it can we continue. And we do not want this for our own glory. We want this for Your glory. For that's our heart's desire, is to see Jesus glorified in His people. To strengthen the faith of those, Lord, in this day when the battle is so hard, we've come in for this revival among us, and a retreat, a refreshment. We pray that You will grant all these things to us, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen. (You be seated.) [I Peter 4:11]

L-3 Brother Shakarian, Sister Wyatt, and to the friends of our Lord Jesus Christ, I certainly appreciative of this opportunity to be in Los Angeles again, to preach of this glorious Jesus that we're all out here to learn more about today. If our efforts...

L-4 [Someone speaks to Brother Branham concerning the microphone--Ed.] Yes, sir. [Blank.spot.on.tape]... this kind. This is quite a complicated affair. Say, this thing doesn't like to cooperate. [Others suggest how to adjust microphone.] Well, it isn't going to work like that. [Blank.spot.on.tape]... Brother Shakarian. Now that sounds a little better.

L-5 I'm kind of small, got a small voice, and but a great big Message from the Lord. A lot of opposition from Satan, to keep from bringing It, but we'll get here anyhow. We're trusting this will be a great week for all of us.

L-6 I was sitting there thinking of how many times that our dear deceased Brother Thomas Wyatt, no doubt, had spoke from this same pulpit, a great servant to Christ.

L-7 I knew Brother Wyatt. He was always a great inspiration to me when I would meet him and talk with him. I remember, just as a boy preacher, he would always... his book, called, Wings Of Healing. I like that title, Wings Of Healing.

L-8 And we're glad to be here in this temple that's been dedicated for service of Christ. God bless his widow, and all of you people who... Sure, I know you miss him, too. I missed his program. When I heard that he was gone, I--I could hear that voice. He was getting a little aged, but he still carried a good strong voice, and--and had a message from God. And his life still lives on here in you people. And over in the mission fields where he sent all those units, and so forth, the Gospel still moves on because of Thomas Wyatt. May his soul rest in peace until the time we meet him in that glorious Land where there is no death or old age. We're here to carry on now until our time is called or the great general resurrection when Jesus comes to get us all.

L-9 Now I know you have service here, I think, tonight. And I was told, a few moments ago, that--that you had service here tonight, so I will hurry up as quick as possible.

L-10 Because, I've got Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, so forth, this week, so I'm trusting that the Lord will bless us. We're going to pray for the sick. We're going to preach Christ, if He will, if it be His will, in all the power of His resurrection that He will permit us to do. And whatever He gives to do, that we want to do with all our heart. And I--I know that He'll bless us if we'll just believe Him.

L-11 And now just before we open the Word, to read It, I want to speak to Him again, while we bow our heads and get quiet now, and trusting the confusion is over. We realize, all Christians know, that the enemy, our enemy, works on every hand. But, see, when things like that happen, just hold quiet. God knows what it's all about. See, just sit still, He might have been doing something you might not know nothing about right now. Let's speak to Him.

L-12 Father, we pray now that You'll calm the sea, the mighty Lord Jesus come walking in on His Word now, introducing to us, in a new spheres, and His power and manifestations. We ask this, as we read His Word, may It be quickened to our hearts today, that we might know Him, in the power of His resurrection. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen. , [Philippians 3:9-10]

L-13 Now if you'll turn in the Book of Deuteronomy. I want to read a verse, or two, out of the Book of Deuteronomy, the 16th chapter of Deuteronomy.

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