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(Each paragraph is a different person replying.)

The discussion begins with Hephaestus:

The whole big bang theory can be explained into two words; God sneezed. It has nothing to do with breaking apart. About friendships being like Pangea, I'd like to argue against that. Some friendships do break apart, but not all do by some "earthquake".

lol. me agree wit chu. lets see simon try and beat that. (-_-)

LOL. Well, I must say you have some crazy philosophy of your own over there......WHAT'S YOUR NAME?????? GOD SNEEZED? I really don't see how that works.... Oh, and how was GOD created??? He couldn't have just ALWAYS BEEN THERE, since in that case, I can claim that the big ball of concentrated matter that made the big bang was just ALWAYS THERE. It's called the "easy way out" of explaining things....I admit scientific knowledge hasn't got us the answer to the creation of the universe, but they've proved a lot more into the past than your "GOD" does.....All you religious people have to say is that GOD willed it, and it happens. WOW, you people are REAL creative. See how easy it is for you? Scientists work hard, and they actually PROVE things...... Okay, I'm not completely against you....about Pangea, I agree that an earthquake does not always mean the final blow.....It can be gradual and soft, okay??

I was just joking. Take things lightly. By the way, are you so sure that everything has to have a beginning and and end?

My creativeness comes from simplicity of words. You can spill all the scientific theories about how the universe was made, but you can't beat the "god sneezed" phrase. It's simplicity just makes everything sound stupid. Not only that, it's funny to those who have humor.
Another thing about your "influence" philosophy. ALL types of pressure have influence on people. All of us are products of our environment. Everything we see and hear effects who we are.

Does everything need a logical answer? No. I am not for the "God created everything" theory, nor am I for the "Everything is a result of science" theory. These theories will most likely always be just that, theories. Nothing in our world, our reality can be proven. One view can’t be better than the other. They have no basis. How do I know that my whole world isn’t a lie? That I’m not dreaming this up in a coma some 20 years from now? And then I wake up to discover that the whole multiverse was a figment of my imagination? How do I know what I’m saying is "correct"? I don’t… No, this doesn’t mean that I am always indecisive at everything I do. I have to go with what seems logical, or right, at the time. In a world where nothing can be proven, don’t be willing to rip someone’s throat out on account of a theory.


I kind of agree with Mythik. The God and Big Bang theories will probably always be only theories, and never proven....at least in my lifetime. The universe may have had no beginning and no end, but humankind is always searching for answers and explanations. I have come to believe the Big Bang because of the proof given (the universe is expanding and all). People may be arguing over this for centuries to come, but I won't risk any more of my reputation on it here. And yes, all pressures do affect us, and they shape our very life. I strongly respect all your decisions, by the way, and will start lending a more open mind to your opinions. Sorry if my past replies did not reflect this thought...

The problem with the Big Bang theory is there's too many loopholes. Science is constantly changing every single minute that it drives you around a big circle. It's kinda like a cemetery. When something proves a theory wrong, everything that's been built up based on that theory is trashed six feet underground. The layers keep piling up that it makes you think, is it really worthwhile to trust ANY type of theory? I'd also like to get one more thing clear, I'm don't believe in god or any type of religion related to that sort. In the future, I may mention a lot of religious theories, myths, etc. But I'm only mentioning it because I want to analyze why that certain group of people believe in what they believe. A lot of religion/culture incorporates with how human mind works. As for Mythik's reasoning that this world and everything we built for ourselves could be a figment of our imagination, all I have to say about that is we only have a certain time to live. Might as well explore around a little and try to understand the world we see through our eyes. Speaking of the human mind, ever wonder why we always wonder about the beginning and the end of everything? I'm guessing we see our own kind comming into existence through birth and disappearing from the face of the earth by death. All this beginning and ending of what we see around us leads to the thought that EVERYTHING has to have a birth and death. It's sort of like a barrier in our minds to think beyond the limits that's set upon us from the beginning.

realistically most things have a beginning and an end..

The creation of the world is far from reality. Are you so sure reality is that simple? P.S. please reply with a more elaborate answer. Its really weird to have someone write out all these philosophical ideas and have someone reply with one, not-as-elaborate answer.

have you ever thought that mayb we're not meant to know our creator? it's like making a table and the table tries to find it's creator. well, it can't. it's not a living thing. i dunno what i'm tlaking about, but does it make sense 2 u guys??

ok, mayb your not trying to find a *creator*. mayb your looking for how you jus happened to be there. how and why. well, how's a table ever going to figure that out.

Geez, Becky. What's with all the table talk? But seriously, we are living, thinking creatures. We're not lifeless pieces of wood, so we do think about our creator. Hephaestus (geez, I don't even think I spelled it right), I never would have thought you weren't religious....well now I know. Really throwing us off there for a while. Sorry I can't elaborate right now; I've got to go to sleep soon, but why don't you read my latest writings in Simon's Sayings 2? That will speak for my thoughts on creation.... Mythik's theory about the coma is very interesting. There's a whole book about something similar to it, called Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder. Read that for a while and tell me what you think.... Oh, and I must say that your theory of why humankind is so fantasized about beginnings and ends is very impressive. Have you got your own webpage yet?

Naturally, our beginning and end seem to be what all else revolves around, and which draws in the most curiosity. Unfortunately, most humans aren’t able to comprehend much more. No matter how hard we try, or how much we want to, we cannot actualize something without a beginning or end. Personally, I hate this "barrier" and like to believe that everything doesn’t have to have a start - to - finish path to it. Yet, every single thing we have experienced in life has had a beginning and has/will have an end. Maybe some day we’ll truly discover something infinite, which will break down that barrier…

Don't think we'll ever find anything that's infinite (unless the constant cycle of beginning and ending is infinite itself). We live in a world where time and space puts a limit to everything. Time itself is whate our lives are built on. It tells the tale of everyone's rise and downfall. Space is the thing in which everyone seems to live in. Time and Space itself seems to be infinite. However, we never really understood the concept of 'infinite'. We've been told that infinite is something that has no beginning and has no end.
But no one can comprehend how it works, much less explain it. I'm wondering, could it be possible that the people appointed the name 'infinite' because they don't understand it? It could be that someone named something infinite as a way to say that they can't comprehend the concept of having no beginning and no end. As for the whole bit of creation myths/religion, I'd like to expand a bit on that. Religions brought up before science came was created for the sake of explaining the unexplainable. But there's another thing to consider. After people saw the world in a more scientific way, religion could simply be a way to exert control over a community. It has so much control over a group of people that it's the very foundation of which their culture is created on. People follow orders without asking, make sacrifices/rituals, etc. A lot of the churches are VERY corrupted ever since the time when Romans stood tall to today's time. The priests ask people to donate money to give to the poor when in fact, they keep most (if not all) the donations themselves. As for the believers, exactly how many people would risk their lives for their beliefs? Exactly how many people in this world have actual FAITH in their religion? Many people go into their religion because they think they HAVE to believe it (from influence of parents, community, etc). They think it's wrong if they think differently, so they are, in a way, forced to believe in their religion. A lot of other people go into the religion they believe in simply because they are scared of the consequences if they don't. Take Christians, for example. They say that if you don't 'give in' to god, you suffer in hell. It's like saying that if you EVER want happiness later on, you HAVE to believe in their religion. People are intimidated by all this that they take decide to follow it just in case it's real. There are a few people who are die-hard Christians that truly believe every word the Bible says. Take the girl in the Columbine Shooting. One of the shooters walked up to her and asked, "Do you still believe in God?". After she said, "yes", they shot her. How many people would be like that in her position?

Sorry for all the jumbled sentences in my responses, by the way. I never proofread my messages (explains why I keep making so many spelling/grammar errors).

Oh, don't worry about it. We all make mistakes here. But I strongly agree with your ideas on how religion can be also a powerful force. I know people who DON'T actually have strong faith in their God, but still go because of pressure and forces from other people. Missionaries kind of have this job to convince people to go out of fear, like you said. I really hate that, by the way. Coming in and forcing people to convert out of fear (or even religious wars) is really low and not even real.

it doesn't really matter if you find out who created you. i mean, looking for why we were made makes more sense, don't you think?? everything we do, everything anything does has a purpose right??

Well, I don't think so. Purpose is all in the eye of the beholder. You may think you have a purpose, while you really don't. Humans were probably created and exist today for no particular reason. Fate doesn't have to play in anything.... Is there such a thing as fate??

i kinda believe in fate... hehehe. i mean, why do certain things happen to certain people. is it just because they were careless? or was it because they did the right thing? lets say you do bad in school, you try, but still fail, and for some reason, the next thing you know, you're a millionaire. how does that happen? and it does happen. there are also people who are really smart and they end up (okay, not talking about you, simon... stop thinking it is! i know you're thinking it!... okay, and if you haven't thought of it, then oops. it's still not about you... oiy) living in the dumpsters. this all goes on, but it can't just be for no reason, right? i mean, fate is fate. but if fate cannot be controlled, then well, prove them wrong. if you try your best to end up in something that you deserve, then it'll happen, but sometimes, people give up and they fall into the hands of fate. so it's like, fate is there, but it cannot control the rest of your life unless you allow it to. do i make any sense?????? ugh..... arg... oiy.... darn... hi?

no one has control of your life....evidently not even yourself. But I don't like the idea of fate. If fate is real, then we don't have a purpose at all. We're all just puppets on a string. Not being able to think for yourself, do things you want to do is a really freaky thing. If all we are is just toys of someone else, what's the point of living at all?

mayb that's just one of the reasons people shouldn't really look for their creator.... because they might find something that they never wanted to know.

You were referring to me, weren't you Becky????? Ending up in a dumpster......geez... Shows you that fate is merely coincidence in disguise. You think it's fate, but that's just because you have no other explanation. It may seem like it is destiny, but if you can alter it by will, it isn't. Accidents happen, but they don't have to be fate....

o gawd. didn't i say that i wasn't referring to you? geez. you're smart, but i don't think that you would end up like that. there are just possibilities. ugh. okay. now you're making me go into whole different subject, and making me feel bad too because i know that you tihnk that i was referring to you though i'm not! UHHHHHHH. okay, some people have never worked. never in their lives, and one day, they go and sign up for a job, and poof, they're rich. and others, they've been working their whole lives, but they're still stuck with their daily amount of money. i mean, shouldn't the people who have been working for so long deserve the money? and yet they don't. are you going to tell me it's based on luck?

Oh, yes. And coincidence.


You're welcome.

Since this discussion is supposed to be on religion, I just wanted to inform you all that I have added to SImon's Sayings 2 (THE RELIGION PART). I think it would interest you all. You can find the addition at the very end.....

About religion, not really, what do churches do with their members besides the old run-down long sermons? I would personally like to know........

Ugh!!!! Like "Philosophy", this discussion is going down............any philosophy on that?? lol. Anyways, I'm going to wrap up this discussion and turn it into a text file for keepsakes, so make some closing statements......

***There are two things in this world you can't fight with: Religion and Louis XIV.


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