Goal One Review Describe the reasons behind colonization

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Goal One Review

  1. Describe the reasons behind colonization.

-Trade, power, wealth, resources, growth of nations, competition, lack of land, etc.

  1. Identify the contributions of each of the following:

    • Marco Polo- First to travel to Asia, and bring back goods; inspires Christopher Columbus

    • Christopher Columbus- Credited with discovering the New World; creates the consistent interaction between the “New” and “Old “ world

    • Ferdinand Magellan- First to circumnavigate the world

  1. Describe how each of the following countries approached colonization (goals, time frame, areas colonized, etc)

    • Spain- Conquistadors take over civilizations that are already there. In search of gold, spreading Christianity, and expanding power. Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizzaro are two leading conquistadors

    • Portugal- Go the Pope over colonization issues between them and Spain. Treaty of Tordesillas is created and splits the New World between the two nations. Demarcation line marks the split.

    • France- The friendliest with the Natives. Built relationships, assimilated in to their culture, and began fur trade.

    • England- The nation that built their own new colonies. Did not take over the natives that were already there. Created the 13 colonies

  1. What is mercantilism and how did it lead to “Triangular Trade?”

  • With Mercantilism, the colony can only trade with the mother country. Britain would sent goods to their colonies in Africa, slaves would be sent from Africa to work and produce goods in the colonies, and then those goods would be sent to Britain.

  1. What is primogeniture?

  • The first born son is the heir to the family’s fortune. The younger children sought land in the new territory to set up their own household instead of having to join the military or the church

  1. How did the Spanish Armada defeat change colonization?

  1. What did the Treaty of Tordesillas do?

  • Splits the New World in half between Spain and Portugal ( Spain gets most of North and South America, Portugal gets Brazil and Africa)

  1. What was the first successful English colony? When was it settled?

  • Jamestown, Virginia 1607

  1. What was the Virginia Company?

  • The first joint-stock company in the colonies. A group of people would finance the expeditions to the colonies—each of them owned a share

  1. Fill in the chart below



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