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Kingdom Warrior Discipleship Inventory

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Kingdom Warrior Discipleship Inventory

4 – Always, 3 – Usually, 2 – Sometimes, 1 – Seldom, 0 – Never







Individual Worship

  • I try to make Christ Lord of my life by doing all for His glory

  • I sense God’s presence on a daily basis

Time in God’s Word each week

  • I have a quiet time at least three times a week

  • I study my Bible every week

  • I take notes during the sermon and or ministry messages

  • I meditate on God’s Word weekly

Time in Prayer each week

  • I have received specific answers in the last month

  • My prayers include: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication (ACTS)

  • I pray for people who need salvation

  • I pray for my pastor and spiritual leaders

Family and Friends

  • I routinely read the Bible and pray with my wife and family

  • I seek reconciliation when there are problems

Witnessing and Evangelism

  • I share my testimony at each proper opportunity

  • I cultivate relationships and share God’s Word

  • I live a proper witness at work and at home

Ministry to Others

  • I am involved in a weekly small group

  • I support the church financially each payday

  • I have someone who keeps me accountable


When you are finished, add each column in the subtotals. There are twenty five issues, so the maximum you can score is 100. Adapted from the Disciples Study Bible.4 ­­­­

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