Glow light, no Glow bright, no Snow White by Doc

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Glow light, no Glow bright, no Snow White

by Doc (with grumpy’s help)

We were mining in the cave as usual. We were doing our jobs. We mined, trashed, and cartogorized, no I mean, categorized the minerals. There were me, Sheepy, no Slippery, no SLEEPY, sneezy, dopey, happy, bashful, and grumpy. Finally we were gone, I mean done. Dopey was in charge of locking the door and hanging the key next to the door.
We were happily popping ah no, uhuhuh hopping along the peaceful road and as we got close to our house, I suddenly stopped. I shouted, AGHH!!!!! Our house was brightly lit!! There was! Who is in our Hou...?!. Then everybody crashed behind me. Everybody shouted, “Who made the smoke in our house?!” Then we carefully went in. We were surprised that anything, no everything was cleaned and washed in our house. We quickly ascended the stairs and there was something under the sheet, moving. Slowly, we went close and pulled the sheet. There was the um, um, smoke um (Grumpy says princess), Princess! We introduced ourself, except Dopey who we introduced for him because he never tried talking. We let the princess stay and cook for us. Before we ate, we were told to wash so we um um (Grumpy says “reluctantly”), yeah! Rel-uc-tantly scrubbed outside. Then after being cleaned an all, we ate the delicious meal.
I played the cello with Grumpy playing the um, um um (Grumpy shouts, PIANO!!) yes that thing. We danced and danced until the song finished. Princess Snow White then told us a story about the handsome strong prince and that was when the stupid clock rang. We were saying good night, when I made a suggestion. “Why don’t we let the Princess sleep in our bed? We can sleep in the um um um, (for real, Grumpy shouts Pig sty) the pigs eye, no pigs sty. We saw the Princess going up the stairs. We turned and ran at the pillow which Dopey was already sleeping in. We fought for it but it ripped. Although the pillow was gone we slept soundly.
It was our time to go back to the mine to do our job. We each got a kiss (my face is red) and Dopey tried to get more but Princess just made him go to work. After the loving kiss from the princess, we were happily going back to work when the group of animals charged at us. They dragged us and screamed at us. First, we didn’t know what was down, no up. Then Sleepy translated what animals said and he said that the princess was in danger! We ran to the house and we saw the old hag running. We chased her and we rode the deer to follow her faster. She ran up to the top of a rock and we ran up to get her. At the top, she was pushing this big, um um (Grumpy: rock) no! Yes, a boulder! It was unexpected so we all tried to run down when the most fortunate miracle happened. The loud angry clouds noticed the wicked old hag trying to hurt us, lovely angels so it struck her right at her foot. The rock helplessly broke down and so did the evil witch. As she descended down, the lazy vultures that kept vigil at the witch’s side, descended down as well.
We were relieved by the death of the evil witch, but were still sorrow of the apparent death of the princess. Princess Snow White was like a mother to us so we built a cold, no gold and glass coffin for our dear princess. The animals grieved the princess’s death and so did we. The prince himself went to the beloved princess and kissed her. He just kissed her. The princes sprang to alive as if she was woken from a sleep. She jumped on the Prince’s horse and lived happily ever after...

Download 5.89 Kb.

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